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Baseboard Heating Services in Indianapolis, IN

With cold seasons in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas routinely falling below freezing, you need heating systems you can trust. You can’t settle for anything less than systems that are powerful, efficient, and reliable enough to get the job done! But no two homes, or their needs, are alike, so versatility is very important as well. That’s why the experts at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offer diverse services like baseboard heating service!

For decades, our heating service contractors have been offering cost-effective and reliable heating solutions to clients all across Marion County. Whether you’re looking for baseboard heat installation, repair, or general heating inspection services, we’re the experts you can count on to get the job done.

Seeking baseboard heating services near you in Indianapolis? Contact Service Plus online now or call (317) 434-2627 to speak with a heating expert now!

Electric Baseboard Heating

Electric baseboard heaters offer a quick and efficient way to gain additional heating power in your home. They’re also an excellent alternative if you don’t have ducts in your home or if your home cannot support duct installation. Whether you’re looking for auxiliary heating, additional warmth, or a standalone heating option in electric baseboard units, Service Plus can install yours today!

Electric baseboard heating is suitable for:

  • Auxiliary heating
  • Tiny homes
  • Office spaces
  • Apartments
  • Home additions

Hydronic Baseboard Heating

Hydronic (water) baseboard heaters operate in tandem with a boiler system in order to provide exceptionally powerful and even heating throughout an entire home (or home extension). These systems are more than capable of beating back even the worst winter nights. We’re proud to help homeowners choose and install top-class baseboard heating solutions in the Indianapolis area.

Baseboard Heating Repair

Is your baseboard heating unit failing to heat effectively, making odd sounds, or has it broken down completely? Don’t stress! Our heating repair experts have extensive experience in handling and diagnosing baseboard heating issues. We can troubleshoot yours in no time and provide the swift, cost-effective repair services you need in order to restore comfort in your home as soon as possible. Contact our heating repair experts when:

  • The unit is making odd sounds
  • There are strange odors coming from your baseboard heating
  • The unit is failing to heat
  • There are cold spots in rooms equipped with baseboard heating
  • Your hydronic heaters are leaking water

Baseboard Heating Services in Indianapolis, IN

Seeking heating experts with the skill and knowledge needed to help you fight off the winter chill? Call on Service Plus today to get in touch with our trusted Indianapolis heating experts! We carry top of the line training, expert tools, and the drive to ensure you get nothing short of our best for every project.

Dial (317) 434-2627 to speak to a baseboard heating expert near you, or contact Service Plus online now!