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A/C options for older home

During the summer, when it gets warm, many homeowners don’t think twice about cooling down their homes. They simply flip the switch to their air conditioner. Those who own older homes may not have the same quick fix.

Many homes in the Indianapolis area built before the 1940s were not equipped with traditional ductwork required to distribute cool air or have boiler systems. However, it doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the heat during Indy’s warmest months. Your friends at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have more than 18 years of experience and can provide you and your family with high-quality air conditioning services.

Here are a few options for homeowners with older and historic homes in the Indianapolis area.

Go with a few window units

Installing window air conditioning units is probably the easiest and is best if you only want to cool off a room or two, but they have their downsides. Although they can cool rooms from 100 to 500 square feet and can be energy efficient, older homes haven’t adopted today’s living standards. For example, most older homes have many rooms and do not fit the popular open concept design we see today. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to install multiple window units to keep specific spaces cool.

This could also mean your family will most likely pile up in the areas where it’s coolest. The other downside to installing multiple units is the expense that comes with them. Once you’ve installed three or more units, your utility bill will show it. Also, window units will likely need to be uninstalled during unpredictable winters to trap heat and lower security risks.

It may seem like air conditioning window units aren’t compatible with older homes, but they can work for one or two small spaces.

Ductless Cooling

When you need an efficient, reliable, and effective HVAC solution for your home, a ductless system is a great option. A ductless mini-split operates like a smaller version of a typical central air conditioner. Most ductless HVAC systems are heat pumps that offer both heating and cooling in one compact system that offers excellent performance in a small package. They may be slightly more costly than equivalent heating and cooling systems, but they offer greater efficiency, the convenience of zoned HVAC, and easy installation, making them a great investment for your Indiana home.

Install central air conditioning

Even though your home may be older, it certainly can handle the installation of a central air conditioning system. Keep in mind, this option is more of an investment of time and money than any other option. Despite the time and money, installing a central unit does pay off in a significant way as it can cool off your entire house. If this is the option you choose, our technicians at Service Plus will evaluate your home’s power limitations to see if the amp service can handle a central air conditioning unit. If not, it may be time to upgrade your circuit breaker box. 

If you’re unsure which option fits best for your Indianapolis area home, family and budget, you don’t have to worry. The team at Service Plus is dedicated to consulting with you to recommend and quote the most appropriate cooling solution for your home. We offer free estimates, and financing is available. Schedule your appointment by calling (317) 434-2627.

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