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Drain Cleaning: Hydro Jet vs. Rooter

Believe it or not there are several ways to clean your drain. Many plumbers use the traditional rooting system, which simply doesn’t solve the problem like hydro jetting does. Here at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we pride ourselves in using the latest technology to get the job done efficiently. For this reason we specialize in hydro jet drain cleaning.

Water draining down a cleared drain in an Indianapolis home

Hydro jetting is the next generation in drain cleaning and maintenance. It is far more effective in cleaning drains than a traditional drain snake (rooting) is— and it takes much less time.

Hydro jet cleaning is a service that is especially necessary if you have a drain that has been clogged over time with heavy-duty residue like grease, soap, or sand. As time progresses, these substances can build up and eventually close up your drain. This is not the kind of blockage that can be resolved by a DIY (do-it-yourself) project or traditional rooting methods.

Rooters simply use mechanical action to punch a hole through clogs and debris to restore flow, while pressurized cleaning uses the force of water to actually scour the inside of your drain. Hydro jetting not only restores flow but can remove grease buildup inside the drain, which helps prevent costly problems in the future.

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