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Heating System Replacement in McCordsville, Indiana

Heating systems will often last between 10 and 15 years, or longer, with proper maintenance. As the system in your McCordsville home approaches that age, you will have to weigh the cost of operating and repairing your current system with the initial costs of a new one, as well as the potential long-term savings a new, energy-efficient heating system can provide.

For help to determine if replacement is the right choice for your home, contact our team at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today. We can discuss your options and recommend the best solution for your needs. If you choose to install a new system, our talented, certified HVAC technicians can handle the entire process, from removing the old system, to calculating heating loads and installing the new equipment. We provide heating system replacement services to homeowners throughout the McCordsville area, from 96th Street to 650 North and beyond.

Contact Service Plus today at (317) 434-2627 for a replacement quote, or to schedule an appointment!

The Benefits of Heating System Replacement

If your current system is older, expensive to operate, requires frequent repairs, or has major problems, like a cracked heat exchanger or corroded coils, replacement can often be the best option for long-term savings and comfort. The latest heating systems feature many innovative improvements and technologies, and they can provide several benefits, including:

  • Lower energy usage – With features like zoning systems, two-stage heating, and variable-speed blower motors, today’s heating systems are extremely energy-efficient, without sacrificing comfort.
  • Reduced heating costs – Thanks to lower energy consumption, your heating costs can be reduced significantly, compared to your current system.
  • Greater reliability With new components that are durable and reliable, the latest heating systems will typically require fewer repairs and less maintenance than your current system.
  • Improved comfort Thanks to efficient and quiet variable-speed motors and two-stage heating, a new system can provide improved comfort with more even temperatures, reduced noise, and better indoor air quality.

At Service Plus, we can help you choose the best system for your needs and budget, and we can provide a professional, energy-efficient installation.

For information about our latest available heating systems, contact us today!

Heating Replacement in the McCordsville Area

Whether you live in Austin Trace, Geist Woods Estates, or Bay Creek, a new heating system can be a wise investment for your home. At Service Plus, our heating system replacement services are cost-effective and efficient, and the process typically includes:

  • Removing and disposing of your current heating system
  • Performing new heating load calculations for your entire home
  • Selecting a system with the options and capacity that you need
  • Completing any necessary updates to the electrical or gas supply
  • Fabricating new ductwork, if required
  • Installing the heating system components and accessories
  • Throughly testing the performance of your new system

We offer a complete, one year “Test Drive” for all new heating systems, guaranteeing that it performs properly, or we will repair it, or we will remove the system and offer a complete refund. We install a variety of heating equipment, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, ductless systems, and more, and we also offer complete maintenance and repair services to help keep your new heating system in pristine condition.

For a heating system replacement quote, contact our team today!

Call Today for Heating System Replacement in McCordsville, IN

Whether you current heating system has completely failed, or you would simply like to upgrade to a more efficient model, you can trust our team at Service Plus for a fast, professional, and clean installation.

Contact us today at (317) 434-2627 for an appointment or an estimate!