AC Maintenance in Indianapolis

To fight off the extreme heat that infiltrates the air during an Indianapolis summer, your cooling system needs to be able to perform at the top of its game. It must be reliable, and it must be efficient. And in order to ensure you get all of that and more from your central air conditioning or heat pump, Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers superior maintenance services.

Our certified and licensed HVAC professionals provide trustworthy and superior service to our clients in Indianapolis. We’re equipped with the knowledge, skill, and training needed to bring the best in air conditioner maintenance to your home!

When you work with Service Plus, you’ll always get:

  • Expertly trained and experienced service professionals
  • The best services and products available
  • Free estimates and consultations on our services
  • Custom service that aims to meet your unique needs
  • Crystal clear pricing. No dodgy figures, and no hidden fees!

When you need HVAC maintenance or air conditioner maintenance for your Indianapolis home, contact the service professionals at Service Plus!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Central Indiana

Our maintenance service is comprehensive, aiming to ensure your system gets all of the tune-up and care services it needs to run optimally and reliably all throughout the summer season. We apply extensive, specialized training and our decades of experience in order to ensure your system is optimized for cooling comfort and quality.

Our maintenance services include:

  • A complete system cleaning. Parts such as the condenser unit, evaporator coil, and exterior fins are all susceptible to dirt and grime buildup, which will reduce system efficiency and performance. Our experts clean and maintain all working parts, and even include an air filter replacement.
  • Analysis and diagnostics for all cooling system components. Major components such as the condenser, evaporator, and compressor are critical to proper function, and require specified inspection to ensure proper safe function.
  • A rigorous check of electrical components and connections. Your thermostat and electrical connections are vital to your system, and any off calibration or loose connection can result in a total breakdown. Our team will check each connection and part carefully for accurate readings.
  • Refrigerant checks. Whether you use R-22 or newer refrigerants such as R-410A, our experts will check for proper refrigerant levels and ensure all is well with your HVAC system’s major applications.
  • Condensate drain checks. Your air conditioner dehumidifies as a natural part of its process. The drain can begin to clog up, which can lead to ice formation and a leaking cooling system, which is why we’re very careful to check this vital system.
  • And more!

Why Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Important

Your Indianapolis HVAC system sees loads of use throughout the spring and summer seasons, and is quite capable of providing top-level comfort and cooling. But that continued service will begin to take it’s toll, and you will begin to start seeing drops in energy-efficiency, reduced airflow, and overall performance. That is, unless you get routine HVAC maintenance!

Routine service preserves your system, optimizing comfort, increasing efficiency and lowering cooling costs, and even extends the lifespan of your central air conditioning system. It’s an all around service that provides tons of benefits, and the experts at Service Plus take your maintenance needs seriously.

Professional AC Maintenance in Indianapolis, IN

Is it time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance service? Our experts are ready to help! Contact us online today to learn more about maintenance can do for your home, or to set a date for your service!

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