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Meet Terry!

Hey friends! We like to spotlight the fabulous behind-the-scenes staff at Service Plus that you might get to meet those who love helping you. This week, I’d like to tell …

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New Homeowner Inspection Series

Homeowner Inspection & Orientation Service

Congratulations! You just purchased a new home in the Indianapolis area. At Service Plus Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we want all Indianapolis area homeowners to feel comfortable getting to know different parts of their home. It’s why we’re kicking off our New Homeowner Series by helping you become familiar with your plumbing system. Here are some items you need to keep top of mind.

Everyday Hero Campaign

Firefighter named winner of Everyday Hero Campaign

On May 3, 2021, Service Plus awarded Jeremiah Monroe and his family a brand new, energy-efficient heating and cooling system along with a new water heater as part of their Everyday Hero community initiative. Learn more about the Monroe family and see the installation and celebration.

Indy car compared to an HVAC system

How Long Should My Heating & Cooling System Last?

Like an Indy 500 race car, your heating and cooling (HVAC) system is an expensive piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance to work efficiently and safely to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Service Plus is here with tips to keep your HVAC system in top shape to save you time and money this summer.

Race cars on Indy Speedway track

5 Tips for Avoiding a Flooded Basement

Race day is coming soon, but the last thing you want to be doing at home is racing to fix a flooding basement. The experts at Service Plus share five tips to prepare your basement and sump pump for Indianapolis’ unpredictable spring weather!

Sump Pump

What Is a Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

If you have a basement, spring is an excellent time to ensure that your sump pump is in top working condition or to invest in a new one! But what is a sump pump, and how does it work? Read on to learn how this device can save you from a water-logged disaster.

Woman sneezing from vacuuming

How Can Indoor Air Quality Help Relieve Spring Allergies?

Just when you thought it was safe to open the windows and breathe in the spring air, you start sneezing! There are allergens aplenty both outdoor and indoor. Still, we have a tip for you: Having good indoor air quality can help relieve spring allergies, and Service Plus in Indianapolis and surrounding counties can help!

Spring Clean Go Green

Go Green with your Spring Cleaning

It’s high time to “green” your cleaning routine and kick toxic chemicals and wasteful single-use cleaning products to the curb. In our latest blog post, we share seven ways you can “go green” with your spring cleaning:

A small child being held up to slam dunk a basketball

Slam-Dunk Savings With Spring HVAC Maintenance

Win big this spring with the Service Plus Club maintenance program. Learn about the many benefits of having a regular HVAC and plumbing maintenance plan, along with what makes our program so unique.

Water frozen on the outside of a pipe

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your pipes. Build a worry-free home zone this winter with Service Plus’s top four tips for preventing frozen pipes.

A heart decoration with a house in the middle

Your HVAC System: The Heart of Your Home

The heart and hearth of your home reside in your HVAC system during Indy’s winter months. The best way to take care of this vital system is to understand how it works and adhere to regular maintenance.

An employment application

The Many Benefits of a Career in HVAC and Plumbing

Learn about the many benefits of a career in HVAC and plumbing. Students now know – and appreciate – that they have many options after leaving high school. For trade positions, they can take certification classes in a reduced amount of time and begin working right away … often with little or no student loan debt.

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