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Homeowners have been relying on our team for plumbing services and quality repairs for over 15 years. We’re the name to know and our team can guarantee a quick, effective resolution to any plumbing concern. Our team carries the tools, parts, training and experience needed to provide comprehensive plumbing services. That’s how the service professionals at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provide 5-star plumbing services for your kitchen, bath and utility spaces. We provide plumbing services such as:

Do you need plumbing repair or service in your kitchen, bath or utility spaces? Schedule service online or call us at (317) 434-2627 for plumbing repair and installation.

When Do I Need the Plumbing Experts from Service Plus?

When you have extensive leaks or obvious clogs, you know you need plumbing repair. But there are other times when you may wonder if you should call a plumber. Some signs you need plumbing repair are:

  • Slow drains
    Are your drains taking a long time to clear? If so, you probably have a partial clog which needs immediate care. Left alone, a clogged drain always gets worse!
  • Noise from pipes and fixtures
    Rattling and clanking in pipes very often relates to the presence of air bubbles. This is relatively easy to address, but it needs to be addressed soon, as the potential for serious plumbing damage is high.
  • Weak water pressure
    Lots of problems can lead to a lack of pressure, including pipe damage, clogging, and air. No matter the problem, our team can locate and fix it right away.
  • Signs of water leakage and damage
    Dark spots and mold growth indicate that you have a lesser leak somewhere in your bathroom or kitchen plumbing. Get it addressed now, or the mold will only get worse, and you could end up with severe structural damage to your Indianapolis home!
  • New fixtures and plumbing installation
    We are experts at plumbing repairs, but don’t hesitate to call us for any new plumbing installation you’re considering. Give a call and our professionals can assess you situation, make recommendations and provide you with an accurate, easy-to-understand quote prior to scheduling your installation.
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