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Our team of plumbers does it all, from drain cleaning to water treatments, pipe repairs, water heaters and more. A plumbing problem has the potential to threaten the integrity of your home, so whether you have a minor plumbing problem, a major emergency, or a concern regarding your plumbing, we can help. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. You won’t find a better group of experienced and friendly plumbers in all of Indiana!

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Leak Detection & Pipe Repair

Whether your home is old or new, leaks can occur whenever and wherever they want. Factors such as severe climate changes, soil conditions, ground movement, and poor construction can contribute to unexpected pipe damage and leaks which, if left undetected, can have detrimental and potentially costly side effects. Service Plus uses the newest technologies in leak location not only to solve your leakage problems, but also to save time and money. Our expert team can detect leaks underground and even water leaks within your wall! Don’t let a little leak turn into a large problem.

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Water Heaters

At Service Plus, we don’t just install new water heaters—we will help you decide what type and size are best for your home and family needs. What you think might work best in terms of providing hot water may not always be the best option for your particular home. We’re all familiar with the conventional storage water heater, but did you know there are actually many other types of systems available to you, such as tankless, heat pump and solar water heaters? Call us today so we can help you make the right decision that provides everyone in your home with hot water using the most economical equipment.

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Water Treatment

Concerned about the quality of your water? Poor water quality affects more than just your health. Chemicals and mineral deposits in your water can build up in your pipes, leading to clothing being ruined in the washer, dishes with water spots, and hard water scale that can potentially damage your pipes. Running your water through a water purification system before it moves through your pipes can help keep all areas of your home safe from the effects of poor water quality. Call Service Plus now! Our expert plumbers can test the water in your home and offer treatment and filtration solutions to ensure your overall water quality.

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