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How to Choose the Right Size Water Heater

Every family’s water needs are unique. And when it comes to choosing a water heater for your home, bigger isn’t always better! Don’t waste money on heating up water that you won’t use.

How to Choose the Right Size Water Heater

Follow these tips to choose the right size water heater:

1. Figure out your home’s FHR (first hour rating)

This rating measures how much hot water you need during peak demand hours — usually early in the morning. Here’s how you do the math:

  • Appropriate 12 gallons of hot water for every person in your house
  • Determine your home’s maximum occupancy by counting the number of bedrooms and adding 1
  • Multiply the number you come up with times 12 to come up with your FHR

2. Consider your unit’s EF (energy factor)

A higher EF means your tank is more efficient. Look for the highest EF rating possible for a tank with your given FHR. This will be the most efficient water heater for your family’s hot water needs.

For more tips on choosing the right size water heater, head to the U.S. Department of Energy’s website and read “Sizing a New Water Heater.” This handy guide also touches on water heater type.

Water Heater Repair & Installation in Indianapolis

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing with questions! We not only install new water heaters, but we also can help you determine what type and size is ideal for your home and family needs. Dial (317) 434-2627 today to get in touch.

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