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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just one week away! Before you dig in with family and friends, consider this: Is your home’s plumbing ready for house guests?

Prep Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving - Plumber Carmel, IN

We at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have put together the following checklist to help you get prepared for the big holiday:

  • Give your fixtures a checkup. You don’t want to end up with a clog, leak or other preventable plumbing issue on Thanksgiving Day! Check faucets, shower heads and other plumbing fixtures throughout your kitchen and bathrooms beforehand.
  • Buy a plunger (or two). This is especially important if you’re expecting guests. Leave a plunger by each toilet to prevent a potentially embarrassing situation. You should also have a waste bin in each bathroom to encourage proper disposal of used tissues, cotton balls and other trash.
  • Write down important numbers. The thing about emergencies is that they’re rarely (if ever) expected. What would you do if you ran out of hot water or experienced a sewer system backup this Thanksgiving? Keep our number handy in case of a plumbing crisis: (317) 434-2627.

What other ways do you prepare your home’s plumbing for the holidays? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Send us your feedback on Facebook and Twitter today!

From the Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing family to yours, happy Thanksgiving!

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