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Meet Patty

I want to introduce to you Patricia, better known as Patty. She has been with us for over two years as a customer service representative. Patty loves her job, providing the best customer service possible to our customers and making them feel like family. Patty says, “I like to make sure they feel taken care of and that we at Service Plus really care about them.” 

We love Patty, that is for sure. She has most definitely grown on us. During the hiring process, we asked Patty in for a second interview to make sure she fit our culture, and she sure did! She was so grateful when she started and said that the way she felt on her first day reminded her of a Hallmark Card. Patty says that it seems that way yet today. We take that to heart because that is our goal!

Patty is a grandma of two lovely girls, ages 15 and 3. Her son recently got married to a wonderful woman that Patty considers the daughter she never had. Patty loves watching cooking shows and says, “They relax me.”

Patty is fantastic on the phone and loves working Saturdays, which is rare, so we love her even more! Every time she talks to a customer, it really sounds like she is talking to an old friend. She has such great qualities as a CSR and makes our customers feel at ease and at home. She handles each customer differently and listens to them, even if it’s not regarding what we do. She truly makes friends just by taking phone calls.

Patty is down-to-earth, fun, honest, direct, kind, and caring. She has a catchy personality which suits her well for being on the phone. Patty is like a second mother to members of the team and would do anything for anyone. She puts so much of herself into our company, and we do the same for her. We are lucky to have her on our team!

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