Meet Terry!

Terry at Service Plus in Indianapolis

Hey friends! We like to spotlight the fabulous behind-the-scenes staff at Service Plus that you might get to meet those who love helping you. This week, I’d like to tell you a little about Terry.

You guys, Terry is one of Service Plus’s top-notch Customer Service Representatives and she is one of the most laugh-out-loud people I’ve ever met! Her personality is big and bold and fearless, and her amazing wardrobe usually matches (yep, I’m talking about her cosmic leggings, and I cannot get enough of them!). Terry has a big, kind heart that she loves to share with the community. She volunteers regularly with the Humane Society and is passionate about leading fitness classes at her local gym.

Terry just celebrated her four-year anniversary with Service Plus this past February, and over that time she’s made such a mark that we can’t remember what the office was like without her. She has a permanent smile on her lovely face, and I truly love how it comes through her voice when she is assisting her customers. When you call our office, Terry will always ask, “How can I make you smile today?” and what’s amazing is that she genuinely means it and truly wants to make you smile!

I asked Terry what she likes about her work at Service Plus, and she said it’s definitely the relationships she forms with her customers. Terry said that many customers are nervous to call in to a repair company and she loves having the opportunity to put her customers’ minds at ease and reassure them that the Service Plus team is the best in the business.

It’s true, no one loves helping you like Terry does!

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