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#TipTuesday: Prevent Basement Floods this Winter

The seasons are changing, and our area is known for severe winter weather. With heavy snowfall comes heavy snow-melts — a major threat to unprotected basements. Here’s what to do now to prevent basement floods over the next few months:

1. Keep gutters and downspouts clear. As fall comes to a close, make sure leaves and other debris are cleared out of your roof and gutters. Once snow starts falling, keep an eye on ice buildup in these areas as well. Water needs to be able to flow freely away from your house. Otherwise, the runoff could lead to a nasty basement flood.

2. Look for cracks in the foundation. Head to the basement and check for cracks in the walls and floors. Seal up any fractures with epoxy. If you notice a more serious issue, call up a professional.

3. Shovel snow right away. Resist the temptation to kick back with a mug of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall. Staying on top of excess snowfall around your home’s foundation will prevent water from seeping in through cracks in the foundation.

Leak Detection Fishers, IN | Leak Detection Carmel, IN

If your basement floods due to a plumbing leak, contact Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing at 317-434-2627. We specialize in leak detection and complete plumbing repair services. Our goal is to make sure each contact you have with your heating, cooling and plumbing specialists is a pleasant and helpful one.

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