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Top Plumbing Tips for Pet Parents

Pets provide us with laughs, love and companionship. Unfortunately, they can also cause an array of plumbing issues! Below, we discuss how to prevent everything from clogged drains to dug-up pipes.

1. Wash your pet outside

top plumbing tips for pet parents

Now that temperatures are finally warming up, you can use the hose to bathe your furry friend. Why, you ask? Washing your pet in the tub means a lot of fur is going to end up in the drain. Cleaning your pet outdoors will prevent this problem altogether!

2. Protect plumbing lines

Even well-behaved dogs have a tendency to dig. Don’t leave your pup unattended outdoors — especially on hot days. Some dogs will dig for water pipes in an attempt to cool down. Either walk your pooch or section off a safe section of the yard.

3. Clean the toilet often

Lots of pets look at the toilet as a large, luxurious drinking bowl. This can turn your bathroom into a big, wet mess! The SPCA advises cleaning your toilet bowl more frequently to discourage dogs and cats from drinking out of it. If you can swing it, try for twice a day.

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