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What Is a Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

Sump Pump

We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but, unfortunately, April showers can also bring basement flooding to your Indianapolis home. If you have a basement, spring is an excellent time to ensure that your sump pump is in top working condition or to invest in a new one. The expert technicians at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are happy to inspect or install a sump pump in your home today!

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump, installed in a carved-out basin or pit below the main basement floor, is a device that moves water out of your home’s basement in case of flooding. Its job is to detect rising water levels, then kick on to pump the water into a discharge line and away from your property.

Where does the water go?

The discharge line of your sump pump should direct water away from your home into a designated area, such as a storm sewer. Some neighborhoods even have a specific drain to which area homes can direct their discharge lines. When you contract with professional plumbers like the ones at Service Plus, they will work with local authorities to determine the ideal location for your discharged water to go.

Are there different types of sump pumps?

There are a few different options for your home’s sump pump, and your Service Plus plumber can help you decide on the best unit for your family’s home.

A submersible sump pump saves space by being housed in a sump pit. However, it may not last as long due to it being under water at all times.

A pedestal sump pump often has a longer lifespan but is noticeably louder and takes up more space than other pump types.

If your home is prone to losing power during stormy weather, a battery-powered sump pump may be the best option for you as a backup. This pump has a battery-operated float switch that is triggered with rising water and needs no electricity to operate.

Finally, the somewhat more complex water-powered sump pump runs without batteries or electricity. By forcing your city’s water through a narrow area and out an ejector, the water speed increases, causing a reduction in pressure that sucks the water out of the sump basin. Check with your local government as not all municipalities allow them.

How do I maintain my sump pump?

At Service Plus, our team of plumbers offers sump pump services, including installation, replacement, repair, and inspections. You can ensure that your sump pump works efficiently with regular maintenance and watching for common failure signs. The most obvious sign is engagement failure when there is water in the sump pit. You may also notice slow draining,  loud or unusual noises during operation, or an odd smell from your sump pit.

If you are ready to protect your basement from storm flooding this spring, give Service Plus a call at (317) 434-2627 or schedule a service visit us online today.

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