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What to Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

Is your water heater leaking? It doesn’t necessarily mean your hot water tank is done! It all depends on where the leak has occurred. Here’s what to do when your water heater leaks:

Inspect your water heater

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See if the leak is obvious. If you can’t seem to pinpoint its location, it could be due to condensation. Sometimes condensation will form on a water tank if the water inside is cold. The cold tank meets warm air, causing water to drip onto the floor.

Check your pipes

Identify your water supply line and your hot water line. Take a look at the elbow joints, which are known to leak. You may be able to simply tighten joints to stop the leak.

Look at the gaskets

Gaskets help seal the heating elements that warm your water. When they wear out, they can create a leak. This could be where that puddle has come from!

If none of the above help you identify the leak, then it may just be your tank. The inside of a water heater tank will eventually corrode from mineral deposits and constant cooling and heating. Unfortunately, there’s no way to repair a leaky tank — you’ll just have to replace the water heater.

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