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When you need an efficient, reliable and effective HVAC solution for your home, a ductless system is a great option. Most ductless HVAC systems are heat pumps that offer both heating and cooling in one compact system that offers excellent performance in a small package. They may be slightly more costly than equivalent heating and cooling systems, but they offer greater efficiency, the convenience of zoned HVAC, and easy installation, making them a great investment for your Indiana home.

How Does a Ductless Mini-Split Work?

A ductless mini-split operates like a smaller version of a typical central air conditioner. A condenser unit outside holds the compressor and condenser coil, and it is connected to one or more indoor air handler units, which contain the evaporator, air filter, and a fan to distribute the air. In the summer, the evaporator uses a refrigerant to absorb heat from inside your home, then release it outside at the condenser. In the winter, the cycle is reversed, drawing heat from the outdoor air and bringing it inside. Utilizing no air ducts and only a small conduit connecting the interior and exterior portions, a ductless HVAC unit provides several benefits:

  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Individual control of temperatures for each room or zone
  • Easy installation in new or existing homes
  • Excellent comfort and air quality

To learn more about the benefits of choosing a duct-free, wall mount mini-split HVAC system for your home, contact us at (317) 434-2627 today!

Ductless HVAC Repair and Maintenance

At Service Plus, we are proud to offer ductless heating and cooling systems as an energy-efficient option for our customers. We offer full repair, maintenance and replacement services for ductless HVAC systems. Our technicians are expertly trained and certified, and they’re ready to help with all your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs. Here are some symptoms that signal the need for a tune-up or a repair:

  • Unusual noises, vibrations, or smells
  • Poor heating or cooling performance
  • High energy usage or utility costs
  • Excessive dust or need for frequent filter cleaning
  • Frozen or iced-up coils, compressor, or refrigerant lines
  • Water, oil, or refrigerant leaks
  • Malfunctioning controls or sensors
  • Error codes

Consider Regular Tune-ups and Maintenance

Make sure your ductless mini-split stays running as reliably as possible with ductless HVAC maintenance services from our experts at Service Plus. Our maintenance services include everything from cleaning the coils to checking the refrigerant charge, and they can help to:

  • Minimize energy usage
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Keep repair costs to a minimum
  • Avoid inconvenient breakdowns and service calls
  • Extend ductless HVAC service life
  • Improved comfort, humidity control, and air quality

Contact our team at Service Plus today for a ductless HVAC installation quote or to schedule maintenance or repairs in the Indianapolis area.

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