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Back-to-School HVAC Tips

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It’s back to school time for the family! A time when parents get some quiet, and students get yet another opportunity to learn some fun things. But school time is also cool time, and winter is right around the corner. Is your heating system ready to take on an Indianapolis winter?

The team at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is dedicated to bringing you the best services in Indianapolis. Whether that means heating repair, plumbing installations; you name it! But sometimes the best service we can provide is just good, clean information. Kids aren’t the only ones who can learn fun things! Check out these HVAC tips to get the most out of your heating system this season.

Back-To-School HVAC Tips

You’re about to need a lot from your heating system, and that means it’s going to be working pretty hard. These HVAC tips are geared toward ensuring you get the best quality and efficiency from your system all winter long.

  • Swap out your filter (and keep doing it). Air filters get clogged and nasty even when they’re not being used, so it’s a good idea to start with a fresh one in the fall right before you flip on the furnace or heat pump. A clogged air filter is one of the leading causes of air flow problems, and leads to drastically reduced efficiency and potentially even breakdowns. Be sure to replace your filter every month (or two, if you’re not using the heating system much) for the best results.
  • Change filter types while you’re at it. If you’re like the vast majority of homeowners, you probably use the standard fiberglass filters for your HVAC needs. But if you do, you’re missing out! Polyester or pleated (or both) filters last longer, and provide way more efficiency and air quality.
  • Give your system a scrub-down. During its long summer hibernation, your heating system has been collecting all kinds of dust, pollen, and general airborne debris. This can not only present a fire hazard, but it can harm your system’s ability to perform well. Do some light dusting and a full sweep to clear out the area.
  • Clear the exterior unit. If your heating system uses an outdoor unit (and it probably does), it’s a good idea to clear out any leaves and debris that may have accumulated in or around it. This promotes healthy air flow, and can reduce the risk of untimely breakdowns mid-season.
  • Seek professional maintenance. All of the HVAC tips we’ve detailed here can go a long way in bringing you good, clean, and cost-effective heating. But absolutely nothing replaces professional maintenance! We have the tools and knowledge to perform comprehensive checks of components, electrical connections, condensate systems, and more. To reduce the risk of repairs, and optimize the efficiency of your system, never neglect to seek professional maintenance services!

Looking for top tier heating system maintenance in Indianapolis? Trust Service Plus to provide and contact us today!

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