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Schedule in September

Fall weather in Indiana is beautiful most of the time – but sometimes it can be unpredictable! With the cooler months quickly approaching, you want to be prepared for whatever weather comes your way this season – which is why now is the perfect time to schedule your regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

It may seem a little early to think about turning on the furnace, but there are benefits of scheduling your furnace tune-up early.

Identify small problems before they become big problems

Service Plus techs can identify any minor problems during an early heating and cooling tune-up – blowing cold air, strange noises, and other minor issues can be dealt with before they become costly repairs later.

Reduce chances of system failure

During your furnace tune-up with Service Plus, your system’s inner workings will be adequately cleaned of dust and debris, eliminating the risk of clogs and reducing the chance of furnace failure.

Lower energy costs

If your energy costs are high, a tune-up can help reduce your monthly heating bill. Regular heating and cooling system maintenance ensures your equipment is operating at peak efficiency, so it does not strain to keep your home comfortable. This can keep your energy costs lower during fall and winter’s coldest months.

Maintain HVAC system warranty

Most heating and cooling system warranties require regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Your system warranty can help cover otherwise costly repairs or parts if your system breaks down.

Ensure peace of mind

With a furnace and air conditioner tune-up early in the season, you can rest assured that your system will be ready when you turn it on for the first time this fall. The last thing you want is a furnace breakdown during the coldest months of the year – so schedule your tune-up now to be prepared for the colder temperatures.

Don’t go into fall unprepared – schedule your furnace and A/C (yes, both) tune-up with Service Plus now to ensure your heating and cooling system is ready when you need it most. Or call the Service Plus experts at (317) 434-2627

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