Caring for Your Drains: Tips and Tricks

A plumbing drain might look dark and scary, but it’s actually pretty easy to maintain. Properly caring for your pipes will ensure they last longer and may even prevent costly plumbing disasters down the line. Here are some tips and tricks for drain maintenance:

1. Use salt and hot water to clear clogs

Don’t be tempted to purchase commercial drain cleaner! It’s filled with corrosive chemicals that do more harm than good. Instead, go the natural route — pour a 1/2 cup of salt into your drain, and follow it up with boiling water. This should clear away minor blockages.

2. Keep food scraps out of the sink

Too many people pile dirty dishes in the sink without first scraping off food. This allows pieces of your last meal to get lodged into your drains, setting you up for future clogs. Be sure to toss uneaten food into the trash before rinsing your plates.

3. Don’t let hair down the drain

Caring for Your Drains Tips and Tricks

“Over time, hair and soap scum team up to form a clog that can slow your tub or sink,” advises True Value Projects. Throw on a pair of latex gloves, and remove all visible hair from the drain. You can even use an old toothbrush to wash away stubborn slime.

Of course, if you do end up with a clog, we’re here to help. Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing uses hydro jet drain cleaning to eliminate blockages for good! We offer professional drain cleaning services in the Indianapolis metro area.

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