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Why a Minor Plumbing Leak is a Big Problem

Did you know that household leaks add up to more than 1 trillion gallons of wasted water each year in the U.S. alone? If you’ve got a plumbing leak — even a minor one — you’re contributing to this colossal problem. Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • About 10 percent of American homes have plumbing leaks that squander more than 90 gallons of water every day
  • Leaks are most commonly found in toilet flappers, leaky faucets and other dripping valves
  • Most of these leaks are also easily fixed
  • Just one leaky faucet dripping at a rate of one drip every second can cost you more than 3,000 gallons of wasted water in a year
  • Upgrading to a WaterSense labeled toilet could save about 13,000 gallons of water every year
Why a Minor Plumbing Leak is a Big Problem

Minor plumbing leaks, therefore, are not so insignificant after all. Not only do they waste water, but they can also wreak havoc on your home. Water damage often leads to mold, warped flooring, and damage to fixtures. So how do you prevent and fix these leakages?

Preventing plumbing leaks is all about maintenance. This means keeping an eye out for certain warning signs:

  • Low water pressure
  • Excess water around plumbing fixtures
  • Loose tiles
  • Discolored water
  • Damp walls

If you notice any of the indicators listed above, give us a call immediately. Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here for all of your plumbing needs in Carmel, Nobelsville and Fishers, Indiana, as well as the surrounding areas. Dial (317) 434-2627 today!

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