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With temperatures forecast to fall throughout the week, it’s certainly starting to feel like autumn. If you haven’t yet switched on the heat, you’re probably going to very soon. Before doing so, take the following steps to make sure your furnace is ready:

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Make sure your boiler starts. Don’t wait until the first cold day to call for repairs! Putting in a service call in advance will ensure your system is ready for autumn and winter.

Clean your filter. The filter within your furnace is designed to trap dust, pollen and other debris that would otherwise be pushed into your living space. A clog can make it more difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature, and it can even make your utility costs spike. Cleaning (or replacing) your filter now is a smart way to get your furnace ready for fall.

Clear the surrounding area. The area around your furnace should be kept clean and free of clutter. This will not only boost efficiency, but also lower the risk of a house fire starting.

Schedule a checkup. Some problems with your furnace may not be visible to the untrained eye. Allow our expert team of plumbing and heating experts to thoroughly inspect your furnace before temperatures begin to plummet.

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