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Hey friends!

So, you are a customer of Service Plus (and for that, we sincerely thank you!). You’ve talked to the people who schedule your calls, you’ve met your service professional when he or she came to your home to do a repair, but there is a whole dream team of fabulous people who work behind the scenes every day to make serving you possible! We’d like you to get to know them!

This month, we are featuring the one and only Cheri! The next time you call into our office, be sure to ask for her and tell her any “corny” jokes you know. She LOVES them! It will absolutely make her day!

Cheri works in Service Plus’s accounting department, and before meeting Cheri, one might have the perception that people in accounting aren’t artistic, soft-hearted, free-spirited, or funny, but their perception would have been WRONG! Cheri is all of those things, and more! Look at how much fun she had volunteering for Habitat for Humanity with us! She hung siding and laughed all day!

We are so lucky to have had the privilege of working with Cheri for these past eight years. She is a team player, the first to volunteer to fill in for a co-worker, and she has the most tender heart you can imagine. One year, while assisting one of our customers, she heard that a particular family wasn’t going to be able to afford Christmas presents for their children due to a poorly timed furnace failure. She approached Chris and I, the owners of Service Plus, and rallied her co-workers; not only did Service Plus perform the repair for free, but we also matched any monetary donation made by the employees and surprised this family with a complete Christmas dinner and presents for all four of their children. All because Cheri took the time to LISTEN and LOVE her customers! Cheri and Service Plus really mean it when we say, “NO ONE LOVES HELPING YOU LIKE WE DO!”

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