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Meet Taylor!

Taylor of Service Plus

Hey there friends!

As a customer of Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing (and for being a customer, we sincerely thank you!) you have spoken to our team members who answer the phone.  This month, we would like to introduce you to Taylor Zimmerman, one of our newest Customer Service Representatives (CSR).

Taylor has only been with Service Plus less than a year, but with her personality and her knowledge she has made it feel like she has been with us for years!  She was a blessing when she joined our company and quickly learned our business and her role as a CSR. Taylor is very comfortable with technology, and she is our go-to person when it comes to something not working on the computer.  Her smile and giggly laugh light up the office and her bubbly personality is a nice addition to the team

Taylor is expecting her fifth child, and we are so excited that she is having a boy after having four girls! Family is very important to Taylor, and she loves being together with her children. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys creating things.  She is very crafty and has built kitchenettes for her four girls.

Before coming to Service Plus, Taylor was a police officer, and her prior experience of being personable and helping people is very important in her current role.  We have customers who call with emergencies from having no heat or water flooding in their basement, and her calm and collective voice is exactly what the customers want to hear.

When asked about what Taylor enjoys the most about working at Service Plus, she responded, “I love how much of a family we all are here. Everyone is always so understanding and thoughtful, and they care about us, not only as employees but as family would. Everyone is so easy to get along with, I enjoy the positive work environment, and the fact that we have a huge support system with each other. We are always looking for ways to help each other and to make each other’s jobs easier.” Taylor gets along with everyone very well and we enjoy seeing her grow as a CSR and look forward to her growing with our company!

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