Unpredictable Weather Doesn’t Have to Mean Unpredictable Temperatures Inside Your Home  

Thermostat settings

This time of year, Indianapolis can come with unpredictable weather and changing temperatures. One day it may feel like summer and the next, you’re having to dig your coat from the closet. If you’re living with someone who likes it cooler or warmer than you, you might find yourself dealing with what we call the Thermostat Wars.

Is it better to keep your home cooler, warmer, or keep moving the thermostat up and down until one of you gives up? There’s no right answer! But we’ve got some tips for how to set your thermostat most efficiently to maintain not only your HVAC system but your sanity as well.

  • Your heating and cooling system has to work harder when you constantly change temperatures versus when you maintain a consistent one. This could lead to more repairs and higher energy bills in the future.
  • Lowering the temperature in your home at night when you’re sleeping or when you’re away from the house is a great way to lower your energy bill. Each one-degree drop for an eight-hour period reduces your bill by around one percent.
  • If you’re averse to cooler temperatures, try working your way up to it. Lower your thermostat one degree at a time for a week or so until your body adjusts.
  • If you’re living with a baby, an elderly person, or someone who is suffering from health issues, it’s a good idea to leave your temperature higher and keep it consistent as not everybody can handle cooler temperatures or constantly changing ones.
  • Programmable thermostats can help you more easily control your temperature and help you save money in the long run.
  • If you feel like your home is never cool or warm enough no matter what you do, always check to make sure your house has proper insulation by using weather stripping around doors and windows to keep your home at a more constant temperature.

Figuring out the best temperature to set your thermostat and keep everyone comfortable isn’t always easy. With these tips, you might be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to your home’s temperature and end the thermostat wars once and for all.

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