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Ways To Save Money On Utility Bills When Summer Heat Hits

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Conditioning your air conditioning

Few things feel as good as walking into a cool house after being in the sweltering summer heat, but that feeling doesn’t always make up for the high electricity bill. It doesn’t have to be like this. Instead of setting your thermostat to the coldest option, set it to the highest temperature you can stand. A few degrees on the thermostat will save you more than a few dollars.

Don’t let your air conditioning work alone — there are manual ways to cool down your house and keep from running up your utility bills. First, put those ceiling fans to use and make sure they are rotating the right way (counterclockwise in the summer for cool air). Fans are great for air circulation and can give you a nice breeze. Also, try to keep the blinds closed during the day and the windows open at night if the temperature permits. Keep out the sun and bring in the fresh air!

Unplug and upgrade

Take your money saving even farther by unplugging. It is smart to get in the habit of unplugging devices or appliances as soon as you are done using them. This will keep the electricity from running when you don’t need it to. Small appliances like toasters and lamps can be unplugged; remember, if you are not using it, unplug it.

You may also consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat, which allows you to control when the A/C runs. Service Plus offers expert installation of programmable thermostats. Upgrading any of your appliances and fixtures to energy-efficient or “smart” versions, like LED lightbulbs or rechargeable batteries, can help lower costs.

Let’s talk laundry

Laundry, everyone’s favorite chore, may seem like an uncompromising energy vacuum, but you can save on that too. A majority of the energy used to wash clothes goes towards heating water, and dryers use up a big amount of energy. Also, buying a new washer and dryer, even if it is energy saving, is expensive. But you don’t have to buy a new set to lower your utility bill. Try washing your clothes with cold water, that way the only energy used will be for running the machine and not heating the water. You can also ditch the dryer all together and opt to air dry your clothes.

Your time is valuable, but so is your money! Implementing these tips will help you keep your utility costs down for an even better summer. Call Service Plus for HVAC service in the Fishers and Indianapolis areas at (317) 434-2627, or schedule online.

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