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Why Heat Pump Tune-Ups Are Important

You need heat pump maintenance for the same reason you would get an oil change or tire rotation. Major machinery sees tons of use, and over time this use will take its toll, lowering the operation efficiency of your heat pump drastically. Professional maintenance ensures you get top performance and quality comfort control from your system, and provides additional benefits to boot.

When you get maintenance services with (317) 434-2627, you can expect your heat pump to:

  • Improve efficiency
    When your heat pump is thoroughly cleaned, inspected and adjusted properly, it will operate more efficiently and consume less energy.
  • Lower utility costs
    As your energy usage declines, your utility bills will also be reduced.
  • Fewer repairs
    By replacing damaged components early and correcting any potential problems, you can avoid unnecessary repairs and their associated costs.
  • Extend system life
    By keeping your heat pump in great condition, you can expect a service life that is longer than systems without a history of regular maintenance.
  • Enhance comfort
    When your heat pump is operating in peak condition, it can provide better overall comfort and dependable operation.

Call (317) 434-2627 to join the Service Plus Club annual maintenance program for only $8.25 per month and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater are serviced and maintained to work efficiently and safely.

Call (317) 434-2627 to Schedule Your Heat Pump Tune-Up!

The professionals at (317) 434-2627 Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have been providing Indiana residents with professional service and heat pump tune-ups for years. Each member of our team is certified and licensed, carrying all of the tools and knowledge needed to ensure your heat pump system is gets the proper maintenance it needs.

Our heat pump tune-up service includes:

  • Thorough heat pump cleaning services.
    Your heat pump system is constantly exposed to dirt, grime, and debris that can reduce efficiency, lower air quality, and can even result in an untimely heat pump replacement. Our experts will clear your system of all debris, including a professional coil and condenser cleaning.
  • Diagnostics and part inspection
    Our technician will thoroughly inspect all moving and stationary parts. We check for proper function, serviceability, quality, and overall wear to detect any problems early, saving you the stress of a heat pump breakdown.
  • Complete review of all electronics and connections
    Poorly calibrated or worn electrical parts like the thermostat can lead to an uncomfortable home and lower efficiency. Our experts will check all electrical components for accurate readings and proper system calibration.
  • Refrigerant checkup
    Our team will inspect the refrigerant level in your heat pump. If we determine that there’s a leak, or an insufficient amount of refrigerant, we can address the issue right away!
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