Heat Pump Installation

Choosing a heat pump for your Indianapolis home provides ample comfort and superior energy efficiency. And when you make the move to get a high quality heat pump solution, you can always count on the certified specialists at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to bring you the service you need! Our team boasts industry-leading skill and technology, ensuring your installation will exceed all expectations.

At Service Plus, our focus is always wholly on providing you with the absolute best in quality and dependability available. And to ensure your experience with us stands far above the rest, Service Plus offers:

  • Seasoned and highly skilled HVAC specialists
  • Cutting-edge cooling products
  • Free estimates on all services, available twenty-four seven
  • Fast and effective service that is always reliable
  • Clear, upfront pricing that never aims to be confusing or complicated

Heat Pump Installation in Indianapolis

When you call on Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your installation service, you can rest assured that your cooling needs will be totally met. Your system will be sized and chosen to fit your home and needs like a glove, and the installation is guaranteed to be absolutely perfect every time.

Our certified HVAC teams carry all of the skill, knowledge, and experience needed to ensure you’re getting the best we can provide. And when our installation is complete, we’ll even double-check our work. If your system isn’t operating at it’s absolute maximum potential, then our work isn’t done!

When Is a Heat Pump Installation the Best Move?

Sometimes it can be difficult, either through habit or worry, to part with your existing cooling system. So when is a new installation the hands-down best choice for your Greater Indianapolis area home? Our experts would say you need a new installation if:

  • You’re not comfortable enough. You pay good money for your comfort, and if your system simply isn’t up to snuff, there’s really no reason to keep going with it. Systems get stronger and more effective each year, and you could be paying the same monthly cooling cost for a lot more cooling to show for it!
  • Your cooling costs are too high. Efficiency has been the name of the game in HVAC technology for years now. Every year new systems come out stronger, better, and more effective than the last. You can use this to your advantage! Getting a new installation might actually (quite likely, in fact) save you money. Especially if you intend to stay in your current home for the next few years at least.
  • You need repairs too often. A system that requires yearly professional repair is simply no longer worth it. We’re proud to provide professional repair, but we’re not blind to that fact that it can get expensive! Avoid treading water, and make the move to get a new, stronger system for your home.
  • Your current system is older than ten years. Heat pumps are quite durable, but past the eight to ten year mark, they begin losing effectiveness, become more costly to operate, and begin to need repairs far too often. If this sounds like your system, we think you know the best answer to your cooling problems.

Heat Pump Installation and Service with Service Plus

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