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Heat Pump Service in Indianapolis

In the race to find the highest-quality, most effective and efficient systems available, heat pumps have stood out as a clear contender for decades. These systems offer the perfect balance of function and cost-effectiveness for your Indianapolis home! At Service Plus Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we’re proud to provide first-rate heat pump services to our patrons, and our certified specialists are unrivaled in skill and experience!

When you work with Service Plus, you can rest assured that you’re receiving services from a consumer-oriented, courteous, and friendly service that is guaranteed to satisfy. To meet your needs, Service Plus offers:

  • Highly skilled, knowledgeable HVAC experts
  • The highest quality AC products and solutions available
  • Fast, effective service that is focused on customer satisfaction
  • Clear, straightforward pricing

Never ask “Where can I find heat pump service near me?” again! If you need repair, replacement, or maintenance for your heat pump in Indianapolis, Service Plus is the only name you need to know. Contact us now!

Heat Pump Service in Fishers, IN

Exceptional Heat Pump Services in Indianapolis

We can handle all of your heat pump needs here at Service Plus, including:

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

If you need heat pump installation services, look no further than the professionals at Service Plus! We carry the knowledge and superior products to ensure your heat pump is the perfect fit for your Indiana home. With every installation project, we can guarantee your unit will be perfectly sized and installed, no exceptions. In addition, we always double-check our installation to ensure optimal performance and maximized efficiency.

Contact us today for an estimate!

When Should Heat Pump Replacement Become a Priority?

Much of the time a professional repair can meet your needs perfectly well. But there are a few signs and symptoms that indicate a replacement will save you more stress and money in the long run:

  • Drops in efficiency, or increased cooling/heating costs
  • Your heat pump fails to provide adequate comfort
  • Repairs have become too frequent and costly
  • Your heat pump is older than fifteen years

For peerless heat pump services and installation, contact the experts at Service Plus today!

Heat Pump Repair

Having heat pump problems? Don’t hesitate to call on Service Plus for professional repair. If you notice anything odd with your system, or are dissatisfied with its current performance, our specialists can bring you the repair you need. Our repair is guaranteed to exceed expectations, and we bring the best in quality and service quickly and efficiently!

Contact us today if:

  • Your heat pump is making odd sounds.
  • Your heat pump “kicks” on and off too frequently (we call this short-cycling)
  • The air flow from your system is weak
  • Components are freezing up
  • You notice undue moisture in or around your heat pump’s interior or exterior

If you suspect that your heat pump may need repairs, be sure to get the professional help you need right away. For many issues that require repair, time is key to ensuring further problems don’t arise. A repair left to be handled another day might quickly become a replacement!

Heat Pump Maintenance

Many homeowners seek out heat pumps for not only their superior versatility, but for their excellent efficiency. But just like any other machine or tool, proper maintenance is critical to ensuring maximum effectiveness and optimal performance. Our maintenance service guarantees reduced frequency of repairs, lower cooling costs, and even a longer lifespan for your heat pump system!

We would recommend seeking a maintenance check and tune up twice a year; once in the spring, and once in the fall. This way, your heating and cooling needs are a sure thing, and you’re never left in waiting for the comfort you need in your Indianapolis home.

Common Heat Pump Questions

Do you really save money with a heat pump?

Because heat pumps don’t need to spend any energy generating heat (they just move it from one point to another), they are exceptionally efficient. Compared to electric resistance or radiant heating, heat pumps are quite cost-effective, and they are also competitive with gas furnaces. Plus, with heating and cooling in one system, they can replace both your furnace and central air conditioner.

At what temperature is a heat pump not effective?

Standard heat pumps offer efficient operation down to about 30 degrees before supplemental heat is necessary. Today’s latest high-performance heat pumps, however, can go much lower, with efficient heating down to sub-zero temperatures, which is more than adequate for Indiana winters. Hybrid heat pumps, which are also a great option, add a furnace for effective heating during extremely cold weather. At Service Plus, we offer the latest cold weather-compatible heat pumps, as well as standard models.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a heat pump?

Heat pumps offer many benefits for a typical Indianapolis home, including lower operational costs than electric radiant systems or many furnaces, as well as lower energy usage and a smaller environmental impact. They also offer heating and cooling in one package, and with no natural gas required, the risk of carbon monoxide exposure and fire is reduced dramatically. Some disadvantages of a heat pump include the need for supplemental heat at lower temperatures, a higher initial cost than other systems, and increased electrical load. At Service Plus, our experts can help you decide if a heat pump is right for your home, and we can provide a professional heat pump installation.

How do heat pumps work?

During the summer, a heat pump works almost exactly like a central air conditioner. A refrigerant is used at the evaporator inside your home to absorb heat from the interior. The refrigerant is then circulated through the compressor to the condenser unit outside, where the heat is released, the refrigerant cools, and it returns to the evaporator to absorb more heat. In the winter, the process can run in the opposite direction, drawing heat from the outside air and bringing it inside to warm your home. The operation is quite elegant and efficient, and our maintenance services can keep it that way.

Do you have more questions about heat pumps? Call (317) 434-2627 or contact us online to speak with our experts today.

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Make sure your heat pump receives the care and service it deserves. Choose our experts at Service Plus for all your heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance needs. Our company has been serving Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, and the surrounding areas since 2003. With the service and workmanship of a family-owned company, and our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, you can count on us for honest, reliable services and professional results.

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