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Tips for Buying a Toilet

A toilet’s a toilet, right? Wrong! There are so many features to consider, such as flushing mechanisms, efficiency and size. With that said, keep the following tips in mind when shopping for a new porcelain throne.

Tips for Buying a Toilet - Plumbing Service Carmel, IN

1. Flush rating

It’s very important that you compare flush performance across manufacturers and models. This rating measures how well a flush will clean the bowl’s interior. We recommend heading to Consumer Reports’ website for comprehensive toilet reviews.

2. Height

Did you know that a taller toilet is usually more comfortable? This is especially true for tall individuals and seniors. A higher bowl is easier on the knees and backs.

3. Measurements

Focus specifically on the “rough-in,” which is the distance between the wall and the flange bolts that keep your toilet in place. Most toilets have a 12-inch rough-in, but you can find bigger or smaller models. Unless you’re completely renovating your bathroom, you’ll want your new toilet to have about the same rough-in as your current one.

4. Water conservation

Dual-flush toilets have two different buttons: one for solids and one for liquids. This setup can save you about 25 percent on water costs. They may be a littler pricier, but you’ll be saving water and helping the environment!

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