Using Tree Root Killer to Unclog Your Pipes

Most people with older homes have to worry about tree roots entering their sewer pipes at some point or another. Oftentimes it’s caused by drought, when trees will look for moisture wherever they can get it. Is chemical tree root killer the solution to this problem?

On its own, not entirely. First, you must use a mechanical auger to cut through the roots. This should clear out the problem — for now, that is.

Next, chemical tree root killer is typically poured down the affected drain. It’s designed to kill roots as it comes into contact with them, preventing root reentry.

When it comes to chemical tree root killer, it’s also important that you handle with care. “Since you are working with potentially dangerous chemicals, it’s vital to read and follow the directions on the package you choose and abide by any safety precautions recommended,” advises Angie’s List.

You may also want to consider the environmental impact of the chemicals you pour down your drain. If they’re bad for you, they can’t be good for the ecosystem!

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