Prevent Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

Did you know that the holiday season is peak season for plumbers? This time of year, far too many homeowners toss food scraps and grease down the drain, leading to untimely clogs. Holiday plumbing emergencies also occur in the bathroom, where improper disposal of paper waste can cause sewer problems.

Prevent a holiday plumbing emergency by following these tips:

1. Avoid putting grease down the drain. We all know that it’s important to rinse dishes, pots and pans before loading them into the dishwasher. But what you might not know is that cooking oil should be wiped off or drained elsewhere first. When poured down the drain, fats and oils tend to cool and harden — a recipe for plumbing disaster.

2. Try not to overuse your garbage disposal. When a holiday feast for family and friends, throwing vegetable peels and table scraps into the garbage disposal might seem like the key to quick and easy cleanup. However, doing so will put your plumbing system under quite a bit of stress. Don’t let your potato peels cause a whole-house plumbing emergency!

Prevent Holiday Plumbing Emergencies - Plumber Indianapolis

3. Consider performing maintenance on your sewer line. Even if you’re super careful about not letting paper waste go down the toilet, sewer line clogs can develop over time. With expert diagnosis and sewer repair teams throughout Indianapolis, we can help with every type of sewer line issue now — before your guests arrive.

Give the experts of Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing a call today for everything from sewer repair to leak detection. We’ll make sure you don’t run into any plumbing emergencies this holiday season!

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