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Why is my A/C blowing hot air?

Is your A/C unit failing to keep you cool inside as temperatures climb outside? We have some possible answers! Read for likely causes and solutions to keep you feeling cool this summer.

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cool Air?

It’s been a pretty chilly winter so far, hasn’t it? Biting winds, frigid nights, and plenty of snow. In other words, this is the wrong time for your home furnace to start pushing cool or cold air through the vents. Having some trouble? The experts at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help you […]

How Does a Solar Hot Water Heater Work?

In recent years there have been nearly innumerable tools and home appliances that have been improved by making them more energy efficient. There’s a massive emphasis on making things more environmentally-friendly and less costly to run, which are both great in our books! Today we’re going to cover one of our favorites in the world […]

Where Can I Find AC Service Near Me in Indianapolis?

Air conditioning problems can be inconvenient, and if do not already have a relationship with a reputable HVAC company, it can be difficult to find a trusted, reliable AC service on short notice. If you live anywhere in the Indianapolis area, however, you can count on our team at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing […]

When Does a Water Heater Need to Be Replaced?

Hot water heaters are something we all rely on in our Indianapolis homes—we may even take them for granted a wee bit. But with a system that is so out of sight and out of mind, it’s hard to tell when you need to replace without something going horribly wrong. Want to know when you […]

What Is Causing the Sewer Gas Smell in My Basement?

The fetid, rotting stench of sewer gas is pretty much unmistakable, and most of us have probably caught a whiff or two at least once in our lives. We know that the odor is unpleasant, and many of us are aware that it can actually be quite dangerous, too, in large enough doses. Stressed out […]

Are New Air Conditioners More Efficient?

While in the market for a new cooling system for your Indianapolis home, one of the biggest things you’re told to look for is higher efficiency, or energy-efficiency. But what exactly makes a new system more efficient? Are they even more efficient? Today the experts at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are here to […]

Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance in Indianapolis

When you think about what you want from your home cooling system in Indianapolis, what comes to mind? Cool air and perfect temperature control, of course. But that’s not all, is it? You want efficiency, you want power, and you want reliability, too. And today, the experts at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are […]

What Types of Water Filters Can I Install?

Unsure which water treatment works best for you? It’s true that they all offer some different advantages, and a few have some downsides worth considering. So today our team is going to help you by offering up the ins and outs of home water treatment! Follow along with the Service Plus Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing […]

What Does a Gas Plumber Do?

Certain plumbing projects require specialized knowledge. One of those areas is natural gas line plumbing. Most Fishers homeowners understand plumbing as a line of services dealing with water and sewer systems. But in fact, there is much more to the profession—and gas plumbing is one of the specialties in the field. Now that you know […]

Seven Signs You Need a New Furnace

A malfunctioning furnace is a serious concern. Though it might be possible to repair a faulty furnace, in some instances it makes more sense to invest in a completely new system. Let’s take a look at some of the telltale signs that indicate it is time to replace your furnace. 1. Odd Sights, Smells, and […]

Why You Should Keep Your Furnace Filter Clean

If you are like most homeowners, you expect your furnace to turn on in the winter and work flawlessly. Yet there is a critical component of your furnace that requires regular cleaning: the air filter. Furnace air filters gather dirt, dust, allergens and other grime so the machine can function as designed. Let’s take a […]

Our Favorite Myths About DIY Furnace Repairs

The popularity of DIY solutions has been absolutely booming. And in many ways, we love it. More and more folks are getting out there and learning new things, being active, and rounding out new skill sets. But the advent of the hands-on approach has brought some bad news with it, too. Building a fancy bench […]

When Should You Turn On Your Furnace?

With winter right around the corner, Indianapolis homeowners will soon find themselves dealing with that yearly question we all wrestle with: When should you turn on your furnace? We tend to wait as long as we can, enjoying that much lower energy bill and those crisp nights. Wondering what a professional HVAC specialist would tell […]

Back-to-School HVAC Tips

It’s back to school time for the family! A time when parents get some quiet, and students get yet another opportunity to learn some fun things. But school time is also cool time, and winter is right around the corner. Is your heating system ready to take on an Indianapolis winter?

Fall Heating Maintenance Mistakes that Will Cost You

If you follow the Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing blog at all, you’re probably pretty well aware of how important and impactful routine maintenance is for your heating system. Fall heating maintenance in Indianapolis and general homeowner maintenance are critical to an energy-efficient and effective heating solution! So you know the dos, but what […]

Top 10 Things that Cause Drain Clogs

Plumbing problems are absolutely no fun. There’s just no better way to spin it. Well, no home problem is fun, really, but plumbing problems come with a lot of additional problems, and are just generally part of a home system that most homeowners would prefer to never think about. This is why prevention is key […]

3 Common Furnace Problems

How often do you think about your furnace’s health? If you’re like most homeowners, it probably doesn’t cross your mind — until there’s a problem. Paying closer attention to your heating system can help you identify minor issues before they become costly disasters. To that end, here are three common furnace problems to keep an […]

5 Fast Facts About Plumbing Leaks

Dripping faucets and other household plumbing leaks might seem relatively harmless, but in actuality they add up to a lot of wasted water. Water leaks are therefore not only bad for your wallet, but also for the environment! Check out the following eye-opening facts about plumbing leaks, courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): […]

Is Your Bathroom the Germiest Room of the House?

Common sense would have us believe that the bathroom — and, more specifically, the toilet — is the dirtiest area of the home. But according to recent research from NSF International, the toilet seat isn’t even one of the top 10 germiest surfaces in most households. No, your bathroom probably isn’t the worst offender when […]