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5 Fast Facts About Plumbing Leaks

Dripping faucets and other household plumbing leaks might seem relatively harmless, but in actuality they add up to a lot of wasted water. Water leaks are therefore not only bad for your wallet, but also for the environment! Check out the following eye-opening facts about plumbing leaks, courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): […]

#TipTuesday: Prevent Basement Floods this Winter

The seasons are changing, and our area is known for severe winter weather. With heavy snowfall comes heavy snow-melts — a major threat to unprotected basements. Here’s what to do now to prevent basement floods over the next few months: 1. Keep gutters and downspouts clear. As fall comes to a close, make sure leaves […]

#TipTuesday: Prevent Frozen Pipes

With evening temperatures dipping below freezing, it’s clear that winter is almost here. We’ve already discussed the importance of getting your furnace ready for the cold weather ahead, but what about your pipes? “Wicked winter weather can cause plumbing pipes to freeze and possibly burst, causing flooding and costly water damage to your home,” advises […]

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just one week away! Before you dig in with family and friends, consider this: Is your home’s plumbing ready for house guests? We at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have put together the following checklist to help you get prepared for the big holiday: Give your fixtures a checkup. You don’t want […]

Plumbing Projects You Can Do on Your Own

While we certainly don’t mind if you pick up the phone and give us a call, there are some plumbing projects that even the novice do-it-yourself-er can handle. Here are a few common plumbing repairs and replacements to take on the next time you’re itching for an easy DIY project: 1. Change a shower head […]

Pumpkin Carving & Plumbing Woes

Pumpkins and plumbing just don’t get along. Each year, as Americans carve their Halloween jack-o-lanterns, they mistakenly dump pulp, seeds and strings down the garbage disposal. The result? Something much scarier than vampires and ghosts — clogged garbage disposals and blocked up kitchen drains. The stringy, sticky texture of pumpkin “guts” makes it excellent for […]

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: Lead in Drinking Water

It’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, an initiative sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This year’s theme is “Lead-Free Kids for a Healthy Future,” and it focuses on how parents can reduce their children’s exposure to lead. Did you know that lead can still be found in some drinking water? The US Centers for […]

Water Leak Detection Tips

Did you know that repairing even minor household water leaks can help you save approximately 10 percent on your water bill? Of course, to fix a leak, you first need to detect it. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends taking the following steps to determine whether or not there’s a leak in your home’s plumbing: […]

Where to Put Your Water Heater

Is it time to invest in a new water heater? If so, the first thing you need to determine is where you’ll put your new equipment. Here, we take a look at a few different options: 1. Close to where you’ll use the most hot water This is especially true for tankless water heaters. The […]

What Causes Clogged Sewer Lines?

When a toilet backs up or shower water won’t go down the drain, it gives homeowners a major headache. But when your sewer lines get backed up, it can cause more than just a headache. An obstruction in the sewer line will affect all plumbing components in your home. It is highly recommended that you […]

Tips for Retrieving Jewelry from a Drain

There’s almost nothing worse than losing a cherished piece of jewelry. This is especially true if it falls down the drain — a seemingly bottomless pit. Fortunately, sinks have a P-trap that comes in handy for retrieving lost earrings, necklaces, rings and knickknacks. All you need are tongue and groove pliers a a bucket to […]

Preparing for Fall Floods

With El Nino conditions expected, we in the greater Indianapolis area might just be in store for a warm, dry fall. Still, as we all know, when it rains, it pours. Are you prepared to deal with the potential for flooding? There’s no stopping a rainstorm, but there are steps you can take to prevent […]

Trending Tuesday: What’s New in Bath Design

Considering remodeling your bathroom? If so, you’re probably aiming for an updated look and feel. So what’s currently trending in bath design? Below, we take a look at the latest styles and designs: 1. Decorative floor tiles Feature floor bathrooms are huge right now. Consider adding striking tiles to your new bathroom to offset simple […]

The Hydro-Jetting Process

We at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are proud to offer top-of-the-line drain cleaning services in the greater Indianapolis area. We specialize in hydro jet drain cleaning, which breaks up clogs using a high-pressure stream of water. Let’s take a closer look at the hydro-jetting process and what sets it apart from traditional drain […]

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

No matter where you live, water conservation is more important than ever before. This is especially true in the bathroom, where you’re probably wasting more water than you realize. For instance, did you know that by merely turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth you can save approximately four gallons of water? Below we […]

How Bellied Pipes Can Lead to Sewage Problems

Most of us don’t give much thought to our sewer lines. We know that they take our water waste away, but we don’t worry about potential issues until they’re staring us in the face. One such problem is a belly in your sewer line, also known as a sag. This occurs when the pipe’s slope […]

How to Identify the Source of a Ceiling Leak

Finding where the water is coming from in a ceiling leak can be a nightmare. Water falls and continues to move downwards to the lowest point where it begins to pool. A leak can eventually start underneath the pool of collected water. It may be the ceiling that is dripping water, but the source of […]

Using Tree Root Killer to Unclog Your Pipes

Most people with older homes have to worry about tree roots entering their sewer pipes at some point or another. Oftentimes it’s caused by drought, when trees will look for moisture wherever they can get it. Is chemical tree root killer the solution to this problem? On its own, not entirely. First, you must use […]

Tips for Buying a Toilet

A toilet’s a toilet, right? Wrong! There are so many features to consider, such as flushing mechanisms, efficiency and size. With that said, keep the following tips in mind when shopping for a new porcelain throne. 1. Flush rating It’s very important that you compare flush performance across manufacturers and models. This rating measures how […]

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

What is hard water? Water becomes hard when it has a significant amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium. The U.S. Geological Survey measures hardness as soft, moderately hard, hard or very hard. The water in our area is known for being hard. Hard water can make simple tasks like showering and washing the dishes […]