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Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Furnace

Questions to ask before buying a furnace

Whether you’re looking to replace your furnace or install one for the very first time, it’s a big job to take on, knowing it’s a significant piece of equipment set to last decades. There are a handful of questions you should ask your potential HVAC installer before you make the purchase and before they start the work.

It can feel like such a heavy load, which is why Service Plus Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing want to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Our heating system installation team will assess your situation and consult with you to recommend and quote the most appropriate heating solution for your home.

Here are a handful of questions to ask before you buy a new furnace:

  • What types of furnaces are available?
  • How is furnace efficiency measured?
  • Are unit and installation prices separate?
  • How much maintenance will be necessary?
  • What is the furnace’s safety rating?
  • How noisy is the typical furnace?
  • What size unit will I need?
  • Are there other expenses associated with the furnace installation?

One of the biggest questions homeowners want to know is, “how much will a new furnace cost?” While we do offer free estimates, note that we will not give you a direct quote over the phone. Here is the main reason, but once we get to know your home and situation a little better, we’d be happy to offer a price range and recommendations.

Service Plus only works with industry-leading manufacturers and the brands you will recognize, ensuring you’ll get a top-tier furnace system for your home. Ready to schedule an appointment or learn more? Give our team a call at (317) 434-2627.

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