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5 Must-Do Tasks to Prepare Your Home for Indiana Winter

Fall in an Indiana town

You know one thing’s for sure with Indiana weather: it’s unpredictable. Often in the fall it seems we can have all four seasons in one week! But with certainty we can say that homeowners should still prepare their home for cold weather ahead.

We have five must-do tasks that will help prepare your home for an Indiana winter:

  1. Clean gutters and inspect for cracks or leaks. Accumulated leaves in gutters can cause water to back up and damage the roof, siding and downspouts.
  2. Reverse the direction of ceiling fan blades, if your fan has a reverse switch. Many homeowners don’t know this is an option, and it’s another small way to help your HVAC system run more efficiently! In the summer, ceiling fan blades should rotate counterclockwise. In the winter, they should rotate clockwise to help force warm air down.
  3. Mow or mulch leaves instead of raking. We all love the beauty of colorful fall foliage during Indiana autumn … right up until it’s time to rake! By mulching your leaves, you’re providing rich nutrients as they decompose into the ground over the late fall into winter.
  4. Schedule a chimney sweep. Fall is the perfect time for an indoor fire, but it can be dangerous if your fireplace and chimney have not been cleared of built-up soot. A chimney fire and carbon monoxide leak are two silent – but potentially deadly – things that can occur.
  5. Schedule a maintenance check for your furnace soon, to alleviate any potential repair problems down the road. It’s likely you haven’t used your furnace much – or at all – since last spring, and the dormancy likely means dirt and debris have accumulated, blocking airways and clogging your air filter.

With many continuing to spend more time at home this fall, make sure your home is safe and prepared for another Indiana winter. Let Service Plus help ease your mind by scheduling a furnace tune-up. Call us at (317) 434-2627.

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