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Seven Signs You Need a New Furnace

A malfunctioning furnace is a serious concern. Though it might be possible to repair a faulty furnace, in some instances it makes more sense to invest in a completely new system. Let’s take a look at some of the telltale signs that indicate it is time to replace your furnace. 1. Odd Sights, Smells, and […]

Why You Should Keep Your Furnace Filter Clean

If you are like most homeowners, you expect your furnace to turn on in the winter and work flawlessly. Yet there is a critical component of your furnace that requires regular cleaning: the air filter. Furnace air filters gather dirt, dust, allergens and other grime so the machine can function as designed. Let’s take a […]

Our Favorite Myths About DIY Furnace Repairs

The popularity of DIY solutions has been absolutely booming. And in many ways, we love it. More and more folks are getting out there and learning new things, being active, and rounding out new skill sets. But the advent of the hands-on approach has brought some bad news with it, too. Building a fancy bench […]

When Should You Turn On Your Furnace?

With winter right around the corner, Indianapolis homeowners will soon find themselves dealing with that yearly question we all wrestle with: When should you turn on your furnace? We tend to wait as long as we can, enjoying that much lower energy bill and those crisp nights. Wondering what a professional HVAC specialist would tell […]

Back-to-School HVAC Tips

It’s back to school time for the family! A time when parents get some quiet, and students get yet another opportunity to learn some fun things. But school time is also cool time, and winter is right around the corner. Is your heating system ready to take on an Indianapolis winter?

Fall Heating Maintenance Mistakes that Will Cost You

If you follow the Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing blog at all, you’re probably pretty well aware of how important and impactful routine maintenance is for your heating system. Fall heating maintenance in Indianapolis and general homeowner maintenance are critical to an energy-efficient and effective heating solution! So you know the dos, but what […]

3 Common Furnace Problems

How often do you think about your furnace’s health? If you’re like most homeowners, it probably doesn’t cross your mind — until there’s a problem. Paying closer attention to your heating system can help you identify minor issues before they become costly disasters. To that end, here are three common furnace problems to keep an […]

Heating Myths That Will Cost You

Falling prey to heating myths won’t just make your home less-than-comfortable this winter, but it will also cost you. Before you blindly listen to well-meaning friends and family, read our list of common misconceptions about home heating: Myth No. 1: Fireplaces help warm your home. Sure, fireplaces sound and smell great, but they’re not going […]

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Cold

It’s been a mild fall, and it may very well be another month until temperatures really begin to dip. Take advantage of this “Indian Summer” of sorts by making sure your home is ready for the winter weather ahead. Here’s how to prepare your home for the cold: 1. Tune up your heating system. No […]

Is it the Flu or Your HVAC System?

It’s that time of year again! Everywhere you turn, people are coughing, sneezing and sniffling. Yes, flu season is here. But before you blame your symptoms on a virus, consider this: Your home could be making you sick. ”People usually attribute these symptoms to a cold or a flu,” said Andrew Port, director of indoor […]

3 Signs You Need a New Furnace

When you start having frequent trouble with your furnace, you have a decision to make: repair or replace? Certain warning signs are more worrisome than others, and in those instances you may need a new furnace. Let’s take a closer look: Your furnace is more than 20 years old– A recent study by the National […]

Preparing Your Furnace for Fall

Have you turned up the heat yet this fall? If not, you’re likely to do so soon — by the end of next week, temperatures in our area are expected to deep to freezing at night. But before you start using your heating equipment more heavily, it’s important that you give it a little TLC. […]

Fire Prevention Week: Heaters & Water Heaters

It’s Fire Prevention Week here in the US! The initiative, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), aims to reduce house fires and home fire deaths. Did you know that if not properly maintained your home’s heating system could cause a fire? That goes for your water heater as well. Take these steps to […]

Getting Your Furnace Ready for Fall

With temperatures forecast to fall throughout the week, it’s certainly starting to feel like autumn. If you haven’t yet switched on the heat, you’re probably going to very soon. Before doing so, take the following steps to make sure your furnace is ready: Make sure your boiler starts. Don’t wait until the first cold day […]

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

An overly dry home isn’t just uncomfortable — it can also have an effect on your health and the energy efficiency of your heating system. Have you considered installing a whole house humidifier? Doing so offers the following rewards: 1. Improved health Low-humidity environments can make it easier for viruses to thrive. Therefore, if your […]

Can Your Home Benefit From an HVAC Zoning System?

If some of the rooms in your home are warmer or cooler than others, you may want to consider a zoned HVAC system. A zoned system directs heated or cooled air to the spaces in your home that need it, and shuts off access to areas that don’t. The truth is that most homes can […]

When to Replace Your Heating System

Is it time to replace your heating system? You may be having a difficult time deciding if you’re going to pay for repairs or bite the bullet and invest in a new system. With the help of Energy Star, we’ve put together the following guide. Use it to help determine your next move! Is your […]

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Nobody wants to sacrifice comfort — especially in the cold of winter. We at Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing get it. That’s why if you are looking for routine maintenance on your heating system, we’re here to help. Caring for your furnace can make your home safer and your wallet thicker. Let’s discuss the […]