Heating Myths That Will Cost You

Falling prey to heating myths won’t just make your home less-than-comfortable this winter, but it will also cost you. Before you blindly listen to well-meaning friends and family, read our list of common misconceptions about home heating:

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Myth No. 1: Fireplaces help warm your home. Sure, fireplaces sound and smell great, but they’re not going to help lower your heating bills. Between firewood costs and heated air escaping through your chimney, curling up next to a roaring fire could cost you an arm and a leg.

Myth No. 2: Programmable thermostats save energy. Being able to pre-program the temperature of your home has its benefits in terms of comfort. But beware — some homeowners report higher heating bills after installing a programmable thermostat. That’s because these nifty devices allow you to heat up your home before you even wake up or come home from work. It often adds up to increased energy consumption.

Myth No. 3: Setting the thermostat higher will help your home warm up faster. This one’s a fairly common misconception that could be seriously costing you. Cranking up the heat will not make your home more comfortable any faster; that’s simply not how it works. The Chicago Tribune explains: “Think of furnaces like light switches, not dimmers. They are either on or off. The only result of your thermostat cranking will be heating your house beyond a desirable temperature and wasting energy — and money.”

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