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If you follow the Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing blog at all, you’re probably pretty well aware of how important and impactful routine maintenance is for your heating system. Fall heating maintenance in Indianapolis and general homeowner maintenance are critical to an energy-efficient and effective heating solution! So you know the dos, but what about the don’ts? These maintenance mistakes could end up costing you!

The certified HVAC team at Service Plus is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your heating system this season. When it comes to HVAC, we know the ins and outs better than anyone in Indianapolis! So what kind of maintenance mistakes should you be keeping an eye out for?

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Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make on a Routine Basis

These heating mistakes are super common, and you shouldn’t feel bad about them! They’re mostly due to a lack of knowledge or misinformation. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

  • Air filter negligence. They’re super easy to forget; we know. But there is nothing more important you can do for your system as a homeowner! A clean filter means healthy air flow, better heating, and better energy-efficiency. If you have trouble remembering, set an alarm on your phone, or jot it down on a calendar.
  • The wrong filters. Stronger is better, right? Well, usually. Many homeowners use fiberglass filters (the standard), or polyester/pleated filters (the better ones). But occasionally someone sees how strong HEPA filters are supposed to be, and decides to opt for those. These filters were not designed for residential use! HEPA filters are for large, industrial HVAC systems, like for a hospital or factory. They’re actually too good at their job for residential use, and they will suffocate your HVAC system in a hurry. They can even cause a total, permanent breakdown!
  • Vent mis-management. It would make sense to close off vents in rooms you rarely use. Diverts more heat to the rooms you do make use of, right? Well, common sense would agree. It really would. But actually, HVAC systems were installed in your home to take into account a very specific level of air pressure, and closing off vents alters this in a bad way. Closing vents can actually reduce the effectiveness of the heating in your home, and can result in much higher energy costs.
  • Failing to get professional maintenance. The importance of annual furnace maintenance cannot be overstated. We know, we’re nailing the point down hard, but almost all of our repair calls could be totally avoided with routine maintenance. By avoiding routine care, you cost yourself money, time, and comfort! It’s the biggest lose-lose we encounter in the HVAC business by a mile.

Ready to get superior fall heating maintenance in Indianapolis for your home? Contact Service Plus Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today! Our tune-ups guarantee reduced repair risks, increased efficiency, and higher quality heating all season long!

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