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Our Favorite Myths About DIY Furnace Repairs

The popularity of DIY solutions has been absolutely booming. And in many ways, we love it. More and more folks are getting out there and learning new things, being active, and rounding out new skill sets. But the advent of the hands-on approach has brought some bad news with it, too.

Building a fancy bench is one thing, but trying your hand at DIY furnace repair might land you in a hot spot you weren’t looking for. Follow along while our experts detail some of the more egregious DIY furnace repair falsehoods.

DIY Myths We See All the Time

DIY Furnace Repair Will Save You Money

This may be the biggest and baddest lie we see, for a variety of reasons:

  • Furnace repair requires specific tools. Experts are fully-equipped with the equipment, tools, and diagnostic systems needed to find and fix your furnace problems. You might be thinking about avoiding a service call cost, but keep in mind the cost of procuring the proper tools to get the job done right.
  • Furnace repair often requires replacement parts. As professionals, we have a massive network with access to components from industry-leading professionals. This network enables us to buy parts for far less than what they would cost a homeowner shopping around.
  • Repair mistakes. A single miscalculation, or even a tiny little component slightly out of place can land you with an even bigger repair problem than before. Suddenly your repair is two repairs, and the hole only starts going deeper.

DIY Furnace Repair is Faster

We understand. Our Indianapolis winters are downright frigid, and you want the comfort you depend on right away. But, furnace troubleshooting requires a lot of knowledge. Finding the root of your issue alone is a huge deal, as there are literally hundreds of problems that could be keeping your heating system down. And performing the wrong service on your furnace can lead to further complications, meaning now you need even more repair that will take even longer than before.

Professionals have years of experience, and an in-depth knowledge of furnace problems. Even more, teams like the furnace repair experts at Service Plus use proven diagnostics techniques. We can provide furnace repair within hours; a task that can take a homeowner days.

Furnace Repair is Perfectly Safe

It really, really is not, and we can’t stress this point enough. You are exposed to electrical components, metal edges that put razor blades to shame, cramped spaces, heavy parts, and more. And even a minor lapse can send you straight to the emergency room. There’s a reason why safety is a big part of the training to become an HVAC professional!

Choose Service Plus for Metro Indianapolis Furnace Repair

Need professional service that provides reliable, cost-effective solutions? You can depend on the team at Service Plus to provide! Contact us today for your furnace repair, or to learn more about our heating services!

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