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Meet Amanda!

Amanda at Service Plus

Service Plus’s Star of the Month

Hey friends, this is Amanda with Service Plus – she’s the Office Manager and so much more! Amanda is the Accounting Manager, Human Resources Manager, IT Manager; heck, she even manages the owners, keeping them on task and making sure deadlines are met and issues are resolved!

I’ve never met anyone who can get so much done in the limited hours of the day. She keeps everything running smoothly at Service Plus, from making sure our daily communication meetings happen on time (we call them Daily Huddles – everyone in the office gets together to make sure customers’ needs are being met, and we are all working toward the same goals) to managing vendor accounts, and processing payroll.

Amanda has a wonderful sense of humor, even with all that responsibility, and keeps her coworkers in stitches during the weekly managers’ meetings.

Amanda keeps everything behind the scenes running smoothly and because of her steady presence and reliability, and no one loves helping you like we do!

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